For developers

Here you will find the necessary information for integration of all WEBPAY service functions with the website or the app

demo mode

Get your username, password and shopId for payments accept testing and the real payment emulator usage


The documentation for the payment module independent development contains the description of the available functions and their implementation procedure

ready-made modules

Use the ready-made payment modules for popular CMS or the inbuilt  modules of popular website builders


Use the API if you plan to manage payments and reports from your CRM, 1C or other accounting system


We have developed payment modules for integration with popular CMS 
and e-commerce platforms


Short checklists to make sure your site 
the payment systems, banks and AIS SSIS requirements 
To connect Internet acquiring
To connect AIS SSIS
To connect Internet acquiring and AIS SSIS


We are proud of friendship with the best developers, 
studios, e-commerce platforms
and always happy to meet new people

and GET income!

We would like to ask developers, studios and platforms for cooperation — become our partnership program member!

Offer WEBPAY to organizations, online stores, businesses that accept or are planning to accept online payments. Receive a reward for each client you have led to us. 

Get more information you can on PARTNERS page or just by clicking the link below. We will be glad to see you among our partners :)

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